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Heritage Recreation Center

Puyallup School District

Heritage Recreation Center resulted from a collaborative effort through an ad hoc committee consisting of: parks administrative, programming, and maintenance staff; representatives of organized sports; and school district administrative staff and educators from Rogers High School and Zeiger Elementary School.  The ad hoc committee worked together to formulate design goals and objectives and provide input from design through implementation.

Heritage is linked with South Hill Park via the Nathan Chapman Memorial Trail, also designed by Bruce Dees & Associates, providing passive recreation and safe access to and from the surrounding community.

Low impact development strategies were embraced as part of the design. All walking paths are porous asphalt to minimize surface runoff. All parking lot runoff is either treated prior to infiltration on site or treated as a part of an infiltration pond. The pond sustains both an existing and created wetland. The athletic fields are under drained for all-season use.