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  • Grass Lawn Phase I Home Plate
  • Grasslawn Park Phase I Soccer
  • Grasslawn Phase I Batter Up

Grass Lawn Park – Phase I

City of Redmond Parks and Recreation

The original field was a sand field that continually flooded due to deteriorated and insufficient drainage. It also suffered from severe erosion across the field and flooding of the existing storm sewer system with silt-laden runoff. The new field with its all new, state-of-the-art lighting system has dramatically increased playing time. To date, there is literally no silt runoff from the field, dramatically improving the water quality of the storm sewer system which eventually enters the salmon-supporting Sammamish River. In addition, there is no nutrient runoff from the synthetic field. Subsequent tests have proven that there are no harmful materials contained in the water that percolates through the sand/rubber infill through crushed rock base to sub drain lines in the sub grade.

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