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Seattle University Park

Seattle University

Set in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, Seattle University Park exemplifies Seattle University’s vision and dedication to educating the whole person. The park encompasses an entire city block and forms the southern boundary of the university’s urban campus.

The existing sports field was unplayable for a significant portion of the year.  The redevelopment of the existing facility transformed an aging field and impervious surface into a pervious open space that supports the university and engages the surrounding community.

The new park has revitalized the space and the surrounding neighborhood by providing a durable surface during Washington’s wet seasons to handle the pressure of the growing urban university and associated intercollegiate athletics, recreation, and club sport programs.

The site not only provides space for active recreation but also includes passive spaces for the students, faculty, and the general public, as well as improved pedestrian connections from the site to the campus and surrounding neighborhood.

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