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Grandview Drive

City of University Place

Our firm designed the landscape planting for Phases 2 and 3 of the Grandview Drive Street Improvement project, a roadway improvement project in the city of University Place.  We developed street tree and median planter designs for the new roadway improvements and roundabouts at intersections.  Additionally, we worked with city of University Place Public Works staff to choose a suitable street tree species that met aesthetic criteria as well as satisfied traffic safety and maintenance concerns.  To further engage the public in the design process, we also developed presentation graphics for city council and public meetings that described the proposed landscape improvements.

During the construction process, our firm provided design consultation services to assist the city in mitigating impacts to residences affected by adjacent roadway construction.  This work included meeting with homeowners to discuss their issues and concerns, the development of design alternatives for landscape improvements to their properties, and the subsequent refinement of those designs for construction.