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Foothills Trail Master Plan

Foothills Trail Coalition

Our firm has been Pierce County’s consultant for this 25 mile “Rails to Trails” project since its inception.  The Foothills Trail is the first and most critical link in a trail system that will eventually extend from Tacoma to Mt. Rainier.  The master plan phase of the project included design of a multi-purpose trail within a former railroad corridor, a funding plan for the entire project, and an Environmental Impact Statement.

The master plan began with an on-site, detailed inventory of the corridor’s physical characteristics.  This information, together with input from the public, was used to develop a program of facilities.  The program was refined through alternative designs, a preliminary design, then a final design and funding report.  One of Pierce County’s primary concerns during the master planning process was how to involve the public in a potentially controversial project.  Through a carefully conceived series of workshops, the public’s concerns and issues were identified and addressed.  As a result, much of the initial controversy was diffused and several former opponents of the project decided to donate their land as trail right-of-way.