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Dickman Mill Park

Metro Parks Tacoma

The 9-acre Dickman Mill Park site occupies a significant place in Tacoma’s history as a northwest lumber producing mill. Following a fire in 1979, the remnants of the mill slowly deteriorated.  Bruce Dees & Associates was hired to prepare a master plan for this site. In working with the client, an advisory committee of citizens, and local, state, and federal permit agencies, we developed a plan that expressed both the site’s historical use and its potential for recreational use, as well as the restoration of the shoreline wildlife habitat.  When the master plan was first developed, only half of the site was owned by the Park District; however, due in part to the widespread support for the master plan, the Park District raised funds to acquire the other half of the site with part of the funding coming from a local non-profit foundation interested in preserving the salt marsh.

Environmental enhancement features included the improvement and stabilization of a long sand and gravel beach using natural methods, as well as the restoration of a highly degraded salt marsh.  Interpretation of the historically and environmentally significant aspects of the project was a key component of the project.